Keep the number of hands touching to a minimum or… How to control the risk

We have a risk assessment in place, addressing the times as they look now, influenced by COVID-19 and the battle for a risk free future.

As mentioned in a previous post, the first rule is being mindful, the rules being enforced are meant to support being mindful.

Identifying the customers path through the pub, means we have to focus on guests, how they behave, how they move about, and as a result of that, create cleaning schedules that revolve around systematic cleaning and sanitising touch points. In order to do the right schedule we have to know the number of people attending tables, rooms and outdoor areas.

As a result of this, we have to ask that we only have people in, who want to have an eating or drinking experience, and avoid increasing risk to our customers and staff, by asking all who previously used The George as a through way to and from the public car park, to use the open area way, going down past the Co-op.

Some will postulate it is a “right of way”, so to avoid confusion, here is a link to what are the currently registered “right of ways” around Hatherleigh.

The George has introduced one way systems, one being when you come in the front door, awaiting service and the obligatory greeting and how to, where the main sanitary station is located, so please, always use a bit when you enter, and that way keep your hands virus free, at least until you breathe on them ;). The circle then goes right around the pillar, either into the snug area, where social distancing needs to be adhered to, most tables still have a 2 metre distance. The circle then continues through the reception/bar area, and either around the same pillar and back to the central path, or down along the main bar area and through, past the darts area, and then the Jubilee room (lower bar area), with a one way exit out of the patio doors to the courtyard. If you go out of those doors, because it is a one way, you have to go up to the entry doors and in through the main doors to get in again.

Toilets are vented to the outside, so you will find that doors are kept closed, and not propped open as some places suggest.  Please remember to wash your hands before touching the door, and then again, when outside of the toilet there is a sanitising station, please use this before you venture back to your table through the dedicated one way route.  We cannot make the toilets a one way, so instead, there is a maximum of two in at the same time, both for ladies and for gents.

When weather outside is suited, we will keep the doors open, avoiding most need of touching anything through your journey through the place.

Smokers are asked not to congregate around the doors so that anyone wanting to enter can maintain social distancing while using the doors.

This all sounds much more complicated than it is, we have clear signage everywhere and staff who will direct those who are lost! We really hope you enjoy your visit to The George, and hope that you feel as safe as you can because of all the measures we have put in place.

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