The George participates in the campaign “Eat out to help out”, running from 3. August to 31. August 2020.

As it is a well known fact that summer have come, and almost gone, that the virus is not completely under control, and we all suffer from a bit of anxiety about going out, and it not helping that more and more measures seem to come into place, influencing our every day, shopping, collecting, training and simple entertainment, we welcome initiatives that seem to even odds out a little.

The government has put in place a scheme to get you and everybody to go out enjoying life a bit, still paying attention to safety measure, and being responsible, so it is a scheme that makes it a bit more appealing going out dining, having coffee, having soft drinks and other such things. To make certain we keep our calm, and a clear head, alcoholic drinks are not part of the scheme.

So what is the scheme ? – well the popular saying is: “the discount, which is 50%, up to £10 per customer, can be applied to food and/or non-alcoholic drink purchased for on-site consumption only”

It covers going-out on a Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday, from 3. August to 31. August 2020, the rest of the week is not part of the discount.

Remember we are closed on lunch time on Wednesdays, but still open from 5PM, and eating out on evening meals are covered.

So that is all well and good, but how does it work? For us it means, when you buy a meal or coffee or a combination there of, either you are on your own, or with family and friends, the discount will be applied to the bill at time of payment, there is a max of £10 per person, but it is an accumulated max, which means if you are 6 persons, adult or child does not matter, there will be a discount of up to £60, or 50% of the collective bill on items that are consumable and non-alcoholic.

Our usual limitation still applies, we can not serve tables with more than 6 persons in the group, unless it is only one family of more than 6.






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