Welcome to the new “norm”, adjusting opening times

Turbulent times

we live in, adjusting to being open, when most of you are about and wanting to go out for socializing, a meal or just to sit and enjoy a quiet pint, safely part and yet socially distanced from those around you.

Learnings from the first week post lock-down

We have survived the first week of the Covid-19 reopening scheme, we have been fortunate seeing a lot of you coming to The George, some of us with the feeling like having come out of a weird film, that unfortunately lasted more than the estimated 90 minutes…

We do see a rise in activity, all be it, a light foot to the accelerator it seems, so we can all cope, without the worst risk of a second wave coming from our midst.

What the first week has shown us, is that we should adjust our opening times, shorter burst, where we are more observant and have a steady flow of people coming to The George.

The times in the coming week are as follows:


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Day service 9AM-3PM 9AM-3PM Not open until 5PM Not open until 5PM 9AM-3PM 9AM-3PM 9AM-3PM
Lunch 12-2:30 12-2:30 closed closed 12-2:30 12-2:30 12-2:30
Evening service Starts 5PM Starts 5PM Starts 5PM Starts 5PM Starts 5PM Starts 5PM Starts 5PM
Dinner service 6:30-8:30 6:30-8:30 6:30-8:30 6:30-8:30 6:30-9 6:30-9 6:30-7:30

Our license allows us to start serving alcoholic drinks from 11AM to 11PM. Coffee, tea and cake is served throughout the day.
Dinner service on Sundays are Pizza and things from the fryers only.
We will revisit this time schedule on a weekly basis, based on input from you, and how it turns out you are about.
We are so pleased seeing you all, and hope you enjoy your visit at The George.

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